Letter from the Executive Director

Welcome to the Memphis Bioworks website. Since our founding in 2001, Bioworks has been privileged to lead, create, launch, develop, support and participate in many different initiatives. Our focus is on economic development in health care, logistics, emerging technology, and the enabling technologies and developments that support each of these areas.  Through it all Memphis Bioworks has become the Mid-South’s go-to organization for creating companies, jobs and investments in bioscience that expand the economic vitality of our community.


Dr. Steve Bares

We do what is needed to help companies – existing, new or imagined – develop and thrive in the target bioscience and business segments in which Memphis has a strategic advantage and a strong foundation. At times that means developing the entrepreneurial support mechanisms and programs needed to help bring ideas to market and companies to the community.  At times that means developing the infrastructure to fill a void; whether that void is in facilities, financial resources or technological capabilities. At times that means getting directly involved in our community’s workforce development as a partner, a facilitator or a mentor to ensure the talent is available when needed.  At times that means helping our community take a lead in sustainability and other initiatives that are important to 21st century business leaders and innovators.

Throughout everything, our focus is on generating results. We expect to be measured by the results we achieve on each individual program, within the organizations we create and for the community as a whole. We are prepared to lead and prepared to innovate.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization funded through philanthropic contributions, corporate support, and state and federal grants. We hope you will explore this website to get a feel for our successes to date and our vision for the future. We hope you will join us through your financial support and engage with us in helping entrepreneurs learn how to succeed and realize their dreams, in helping others develop their skills and opportunities in an emerging industry, and in advancing the innovative ideas that create jobs and economic growth.

Thank you.

Steven J. Bares, PhD, MBA
President and Executive Director
Memphis Bioworks Foundation