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Bioworks is driving the development of facilities and infrastructure, including the UT-Baptist Research Park and the TriMetis Specialized Laboratory, to support the growth of bioscience businesses and jobs.

To date, Bioworks’ initiatives in infrastructure development has resulted in:

  • $2.1B invested in the Memphis Medical Center district
  • Completion of the third phase of the UT-Baptist Research Park
  • $140M invested in the UT-Baptist Research Park, representing 305,000 square feed built or renovated

Facilities spearheaded by Memphis Bioworks extend to the rural initiatives also. Through a partnership with Delta BioRenewables, LLC and Agricenter International, Memphis Bioworks  is working to expand incubator and pilot processing capacity to support the commercialization of alternative and specialty crops. The goal is to have a central place where entrepreneurial ventures related to new crops and biobased products can grow, harvest, store, and process their crops using shared infrastructure and expertise.

Collectively the Crop Development Center offers a complete package of turnkey services:

  • Full suite of equipment to grow, harvest and handle various biomass crops
  • The capability for small scale fermentation, ethanol production, liquid handling, biomass pelletization and biomass sizing and drying
  • Wet lab and drying chambers for biomass sampling
  • Agricenter International’s research farm capabilities including variety trials, small plot trials, and farm scale beyond