Clean & Green Initiative

memphiscleanandgreenIn December 2012, Mayor A C Wharton announced the “Clean & Green Initiative,” a five-year sustainability strategy for the City of Memphis that will create local jobs, reduce the City’s operating costs and improve the environment.  This initiative is part of Mayor Wharton’s overall Blueprint for Prosperity, which is dedicated to reducing poverty through an emphasis on creating prosperity.

The Clean & Green Initiative will be funded by revenue gained from energy savings. Currently, the City of Memphis spends approximately $40 million annually on energy costs.  The first phase of the Clean & Green Initiative, focused on energy efficiency, is projected to save the City approximately 20 percent, or $8 million, per year in energy costs.

Led by Memphis Bioworks Foundation, in conjunction with Siemens Industry, Inc., Building Technologies division, the specific activities associated with the Clean & Green Initiative include: energy conservation and reduction in municipal buildings and facilities, including street lights; energy generation, including solar or other technologies; conversion of vehicles to compressed natural gas (CNG); public safety efforts, including street lighting; trash recycling and redeployment of materials; biomass conversion to energy, liquid fuels and chemicals; waste remediation and environmental clean-up; and waste and water management systems that preserve energy, improve the environment and increase the value of City services.  The implementation of these activities will rely on training and hiring local workers.

Memphis Bioworks is the City’s strategic and administrative partner for the initiative.  Bioworks will conduct the necessary research and planning prior to initiating and executing projects and will coordinate the activities of participating regional partners, including workforce development agencies and vendors.

For more information about the Clean & Green Initiative, visit the Memphis Clean & Green website.