BDP_7127As an organization focused on the growth of Memphis as a Life Sciences Innovation Hub, Bioworks understands the interrelationship between all technology industries. While sustainability and environmental awareness is not a direct aspect of Life Sciences Innovation, progressive minds in all technology fields have expectations for a certain level of technology in a community.

It is with that expectation in mind – the expectation that progressive minds want to associate with progressive communities, that Memphis Bioworks has invested in the sustainability field.

The most visible energy initiative at Memphis Bioworks’ own facilities is its 3,000-panel, 750-kilowatt solar installation on the top level of the organization’s parking garage at the corner of Dudley and Union.  The solar installation provides shading on the top level to keep cars cool, while producing enough electricity to power 100 average homes a year.

This project also provided a meaningful employment opportunity where those trained through Bioworks’ workforce development initiatives put their skills to work on a significant industrial solar project.

The multi-level parking structure at the Memphis Bioworks Foundation headquarters is also the centerpiece of additional environmental activities, including upgraded LED lighting and two Blink charging stations for electric automobiles.

Progressive thinking in the fields of entrepreneurship, business development, bioscience, life science and sustainability issues tend to travel together in the minds of those taking a leadership role in any one of the categories.